Fly Fishing Blog

  • Can Fly Fishing be Simple & Affordable? YES!

    Without hesitation, I can say that the broad variety of physical and mental benefits are so powerful that they cannot be quantified. Ask any fly fisherman - that fabled “zen” fly fishing feeling is 100% real, and once you get that feeling, there’s no price you can put on it. It’s my absolute mission to help new anglers discover this source of adventure and joy that you just can’t get with fishing any other way.

  • Growing Exposure: Why Fly Fishing Is Gaining Popularity!

    While our exposure to fly fishing in the media was traditionally confined to fly fishing magazines and books in print, and A River Runs Through It in the movie theatres, technology has completely transformed this landscape. The greatest thing to ever happen to fly fishing was the internet.

  • Fly Fish! It's Good For Your Physical Health.

    An average person will burn approximately 250 calories in an hour of treadmill walking. So, with all the additional physical elements required to fly fish, the same person could burn 500-2000 calories in a morning, afternoon, or full day of fly fishing. Beats a diet!

  • Origins: Z. Mark Fly Fishing Starter Kits

    On an absolute whim, I remember buying a #16 mosquito pattern dry fly from a Bridgeport, CA tackle store. Armed with only a ultralight spinning outfit, I stealthily dabbled the fly over the edge of the nearby Virginia Creek and absolute magic happened – a healthy rainbow trout jumped on my mosquito pattern and I officially caught my first fish on the fly! Talk about a life-changing experience! Pun intended completely, I was “hooked” on fly fishing from that moment on. And I’ve never looked back.