Fly Fish! It's Good For Your Physical Health.


Fly fishing is an amazing sport that offers immense pleasure and extraordinary physical benefits. Often the physical health benefits are surprising, but the constant physical engagement in this sport lead to tangible advantages for the 6.1 million fly anglers in the U.S.

An active day spent walking the river bank, hiking to a great fishing spot, wading in a steam, or kicking while float tubing in a lake all provide constant low-impact exercise. Rather than sitting at a desk or on the couch, getting out to fly fish requires you get on your feet for hours at a time. And those feet are moving! Fly fishing burns calories, increases cardiovascular health (especially at high altitudes for superb trout fishing), strengthens muscles, and provides light stretching and circulation-enhancing positives. This all provides a wonderful counterbalance to sedentary daily life.

Upper Body Benefits

Fly fisherman using upper body muscles


Repetitive casting and reeling provide an upper body workout, in particular. Your shoulders, upper arms, forearms, wrists, and hand muscles are constantly engaged. The key is using a lightweight and well-balanced fly fishing setup to avoid undue shoulder and wrist strain. Check out the Green Magic Fly Kit for a fly fishing starter kit that offers a professionally-matched ultralight 3.35 Oz. Green Magic fly rod and 4.7 Oz. Retriever 5/6 fly reel. This fly fishing setup casts with advanced synergy between all components, and results to smooth, efficient casts that won’t fatigue muscles along the way. A balanced fly fishing starter kit also helps build increased hand-eye coordination, another amazing benefit of the wonderful sport.


Lower Body, Core, & Back Benefits

Lower body exercise in fly fishing


Aside from an upper body workout, more muscles are engaged while wading against a current, which burns over twice as many calories as walking on a treadmill. It’s not always easy to wade in a quickly moving river, and your core, back, and legs all work to maintain balance.

Even while standing still in a river, your body engages its muscles to stand in place firmly while casting. Maintaining correct posture while wading strengthens lower back muscles, while fighting fish and casting engage upper back and shoulders. Working against the current against a current tightens your abdominal muscles as you maintain balance. Finally, your legs are extensively utilized as you move from one spot to another, exert against strong currents, and balance on slippery rocks.

An average person will burn approximately 250 calories in an hour of treadmill walking. So, with all the additional physical elements required to fly fish, the same person could burn 500-2000 calories in a morning, afternoon, or full day of fly fishing. Beats a diet!

Fly Fishing Beats Sitting Behind A Desk

Fly fishing beats sitting behind a desk


All of this is doubly as important if much of your day is sitting behind a desk. If you remain relatively stationary all day, whether behind a desk or on a couch, and don’t have the time or desire for high-intensity workouts, fly fishing offers the proper amount of muscle activation without straining them to excess.

Exercise For Anglers Of Limited Mobility

Fly fishing for anglers of limited mobility


Relatedly, older fly fisherman or anglers with limited mobility will be able to participate in this amazing sport without needing to exert themselves. It’s a particularly great exercise option for such anglers, as the exercise is minimally-demanding. The angler has the choice of how much to move and exert themselves on any given fishing trip.

And if, you’re up to it, you can make fly fishing as physically challenging as you choose to – long, steep hikes into the back country with either minimal gear or even float tubes and fins provides the opportunity to really step up the exercise, should you choose to. But that’s the great thing – it’s always your choice!

Nature's Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of nature


Not only does fly fishing require beneficial physical activity helping cardiovascular and muscle endurance, the physical benefits from fly fishing come from the healing properties of nature, as well.

For instance, nature can reduce inflammation in various studies. While inflammation is a healthy response to an injury or medical conditions, it often exceeds its usefulness and causes painful swelling and autoimmune issues. There is no doubt that low impact, circulation-enhancing activity in a cold stream can help inflamed knees, feet, and ankles.

Moreover, nature is beneficial in getting kids away from the video game console. There have been links between prolonged exposure to nature and decreased chances of developing nearsightedness in children. And no doubt, they’d get a greater kick out of staring at a perfectly placed dry fly than starting at video games for hours.

So How Do You Get Started With The Physical Benefits?



Get involved in fly fishing! If you’re thinking about giving it a shot and are interested in a high quality, high-performing fly fishing starter kit at a uniquely affordable price, check out the Z. Mark Fly Gear Green Magic Fly Kit. It will give you years of fly fishing adventure and provide the fly fishing setup you need to fully enjoy the physical benefits of this wonderful sport. A vastly superior performing fly fishing starter kit, it offers the value of buying a rod, reel, and line as a package, but also offers the high-end quality of buying the components separately (at a much higher price).

The Green Magic Fly Kit simply offers exceptional value and quality in a fly fishing setup, something new to the fly fishing industry. There is no longer a need to make the choice between expensive, high-end fly gear and affordable, low-quality fly fishing setups – the Green Magic Fly Kit is the “missing link,” offering the best value for the dollar available. Click to Learn More.

Additionally, for veteran anglers in need of a high quality fly gear, the Green Magic Fly Kitis not the standard low-end fly fishing starter kit. The rod, reel, and line are all top-quality (machined reel, lightweight and sensitive rod, powerful and subtly-presenting fly line, all matched by expert fly fishing guides). Veteran anglers know quality when the feel and fish it.

We are rod combo 100% confident that any experienced angler or guide using a Z. Mark Fly Gear fly fishing starter kit will receive top value and performance compared to any other fly fishing setup or separate fly rod, reel, and line for the money, anywhere. Backed up with a 5 year Warranty, Z. Mark Fly Gear stands behind our products. Fish them with confidence, and enjoy the physical advantages of fly fishing!


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