Growing Exposure: Why Fly Fishing Is Gaining Popularity!


Getting friends into fly fishing is my ultimate passion! 

Bringing on a new fly angler is just about the greatest feeling I, personally, can have. Along with them becoming exposed to the mental, physical, and spiritual wonders of fly fishing, I’m fortunate enough to have gained a new fishing partner. Talk about a win-win!

So, if fly fishing is so amazing, and the benefits are so great, why don’t more people do it? I wonder about this a lot.

The Facts

The Facts - Fly Fishing is niche, but growing


Let’s take a look at some facts:

Fly fishing comprises only a small percentage of total fishing experiences. While the United States has 60 million fisherman total (that’s 20% of the United States’ 330 million population), there are only approximately 6 million fly anglers. This means that while 1 of the next 5 people you come across will be fisherman, only 2 of the next 100 people will be fly fisherman.

So, currently fly fishing is a small club. That needs to change. Believe me, I’m one of many fly anglers pushing for that change. And I am ecstatic to say that we are making serious headway thanks to a great deal of simply more fly fishing exposure!

Growing Exposure

A River Runs Through It - Increasing Fly Fishing Exposure


I sincerely believe the only thing keeping fly fishing from becoming more popular is a lack of exposure. People just simply haven’t been around it, experienced it, or may have misconceptions about the barriers of entry (the advanced skill seemingly required and seemingly high price of admission). To this last point, I’ve dedicated an entire blog post.

Fortunately, due to the earth-shaking benefits communicated to a broad audience through modern social media and internet technology, that’s all changing. We’re simply communicating with each other more as technology advances and fly fishing exposure is going up exponentially. And that’s exactly the boost we need to share the wonders of this sport with new anglers everywhere.

While our exposure to fly fishing in the media was traditionally confined to fly fishing magazines and books in print, and A River Runs Through It in the movie theaters, technology has completely transformed this landscape. The greatest thing to ever happen to fly fishing was the internet.

The Internet was the Game-Changer for Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Grows as Internet Growth Increases


The internet’s effect on increasing exposure to fly fishing, and subsequently creating new fly anglers, cannot be overstated. Fly anglers can communicate through fly fishing message boards, articles, online magazines, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and much more.

Not only do people become more aware of fly fishing, the ease of communication allows prospective or new fly anglers to quickly get up to speed on fly fishing gear and techniques. 

Fly anglers can quickly google fly fishing topics they’re interested in and even ask expert fly anglers questions on message boards. I’ve found that veteran fly anglers are extremely forthcoming with tips and techniques, especially to new fly anglers. With such widely available information on fly fishing, experienced fly anglers in online forums are an amazing resource to all!

Technology not only makes it easier to communicate fly fishing to others, but advancements in fly fishing rods, reels, line, and accessories have made it much easier to enter the sport at a reduced upfront cost for quality equipment.

Fly Fishing Starter Kits: Making Fly Fishing Affordable!

Affordable fly gear's quality goes up while its cost goes down

With modern technology providing better materials at a reduced price, fly fishing starter kits are crushing the perceived high-dollar cost of entry into fly fishing. Buying a fly fishing setup that includes a fly rod, reel, and line reduces the overall cost drastically.

Fly fishing starter kits are, by far, a much more affordable option than buying a fly rod, reel, and line separately, so you may want to start there if you don’t want to spend many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an outfit. The best recommendation I can give on choosing a fly fishing setup is researching online and in fly shops.

The key, however, is to choose your fly fishing setup wisely. Not all fly fishing setups sold as combos are created equal. Click to Learn More. A few basic requirements for a quality fly fishing starter kit are precision-machined aluminum reels, lightweight and sensitive rods, and non-generic, quality fly line. In addition, the fly fishing setup sold as a combo must properly match and synergize in order to work together effectively. Avoid any fly fishing starter kit that cannot meet these “Big 4” requirements.

Unfortunately, most all fly fishing setups sold as combos come up short. In getting my own friends into fly fishing, we bought a variety of fly fishing starter kits that proved ineffective and unreliable for them. This was a huge problem – and I was determined to find a solution.

Z. Mark Fly Gear was Developed to Provide the Answer

 Solution to Low Quality Fly Rod combos: Z. Mark Fly Gear

Meeting each of the 4 major criteria, the Green Magic Fly Kit includes the high quality, precision-machined Retriever 5/6 Fly Reel, the ultralight and responsive Green Magic Fly rod, and superior TrueCast fly line. Every component was tested and matched by fly fishing guides to perform optimally and consistently. I simply wanted to offer new and experienced fly anglers a better fly fishing setup option than anything else currently available, and Z. Mark Fly Gear delivers.

Upon comparison, you will find that the difference in quality and performance of the Green Magic Fly Kit compared to all other affordable fly fishing setups is drastic. No corners were cut. The result is an uniquely affordable fly fishing setup that is superior to the products of our competitors, especially the Big Brands.

Once you have your ideal fly fishing setup, you’ll be one of the many fly anglers who are growing this amazing sport. And it is growing!

Growing participation!

Growing Participation on Fly Fishing

This is the best part!

The Outdoor Foundation’s Special Report on Fly Fishing offers great insight on the growing popularity of fly fishing, Fly fishing participation is at an all-time high of 2.3% of the population with 6.8 million total participants. In addition, 14.7% of all fly anglers were 1st timers. That means we had 1 million new fly anglers this last year!

Additionally, new angler demographic trends are emerging. Women now comprise 31% of all fly anglers, and fly fishing is appealing to even more anglers of all ages and skill levels. As the data shows, new anglers are coming from a variety of demographics, and in ever-increasing numbers.

Embracing technology is clearly the answer to increased exposure to the sport, and the proof is in the statistics. So, visit fly fishing message boards, read online fly fishing articles, and reach out to experienced fly anglers on the internet for advice. Need a few links to sites like this? Check out Z. Mark Fly Gear’s Resources page.

Or you can just ask me. Contact me anytime, and I’ll do all I can to help you to get started on your fly fishing adventures!

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