Can Fly Fishing be Simple & Affordable? YES!


Fly fishing is fun to the point of addicting.


So why don’t more people fly fish?


For many, fly fishing is regarded as a complex and technical sport that is difficult to learn and expensive to get into. These appear as huge obstacles for people who otherwise would like to try fly fishing. I hear this from friends and acquaintances often when we talk about fly fishing (a topic I bring up a lot!), and I completely understand where they’re coming from. There are a lot of new concepts and a lot to know, but, at least in my experiences with new anglers, it’s about reducing the complexity and cost of entering the sport showing them the incredible physical and mental advantages that they cannot find anywhere else. 


The benefits of fly fishing are more than substantial – they are overwhelming. Without hesitation, I can say that the broad variety of physical and mental benefits are so powerful that they cannot be quantified. Ask any fly fisherman - that fabled “zen” fly fishing feeling is 100% real, and once you get that feeling, there’s no price you can put on it. It’s my absolute mission to help new anglers discover this source of adventure and joy that you just can’t get with fishing any other way.


This is a huge topic that I could write forever on, as there are so many benefits to list. Here, however, to express just how substantial they truly are, I would like to provide one amazing example of the mental and physical therapeutic value of fly fishing. Presented expertly by Sky Jones, a Bozeman, Montana attorney who helps our war veterans with PTSD to recover through fly fishing, his TEDx Talk video below piercingly demonstrates how incredibly therapeutic fly fishing can be for everyone.



It’s hard not to become a believer after watching something so powerful and real. Healing is the direct benefit that fly fishing provides here. And, not only are there other enormous benefits (the subject of numerous future blogs), but the benefits apply to everyone. The bottom line is that anyone will benefit greatly from taking up this sport. Fly fishing is that powerfully positive on the body and mind. 


However, while the benefits are immense, I've had many prospective fly anglers have tell me that cost and complexity are the two biggest reasons they haven't tried fly fishing out. And I totally understand that sentiment. Fly fishing has so many different knowledge bases and techniques to master that it can be daunting for a new fly angler who is tempted to give it a try. Without a doubt, there more pieces to the puzzle than in conventional fishing.


But there’s a huge flip-side to this that beginners must know!


The truth is that you only need a few simple and affordable pieces to start, and you can grow from there at your own pace. Thanks to money-saving fly fishing setups, modern technology and simplifying a beginner’s path into fly fishing, the barriers to beginning fly fishing shatter immediately!


Fly Fishing Is Affordable

Low cost of Z. Mark Fly Gear #5 Guide Kit


Beginning with cost, fly fishing does not need to be expensive! Fly fishing starter kits offer huge savings over buying fly rods, reels, and line separately. The key is finding the right blend of quality and value. There are a wide variety of fly fishing starter kits on the market, but there is a common denominator for the overwhelming majority of them: low quality rods, reels, and line, resulting in low value. These kits are cheap and they are everywhere, but they simply do not perform on the water. Click to Learn Why.


A constant occurrence, new anglers find that their standard fly fishing setup's low functionality impeding their joy of fly fishing, and they’re going to inevitably upgrade to quality fly fishing gear. This makes it tough to avoid the pitfalls of buying a standard fly fishing starter kit. I went through this process with my friends, who enthusiastically bought these kits as a way to begin fly fishing. What I saw was a lot of friends with “buyer’s remorse” who wished they bought a high-quality fly fishing starter kit to begin with.


This was my biggest concern. I love to fly fish, I love to get friends into fly fishing, so the last thing I wanted was my friends being discouraged because their fly fishing setup simply doesn’t fish well. I was seeing this disappointing result over and over. Eventually, I grew so frustrated with the fly fishing setups on the market that I focused on developing a new option for beginning anglers: the Green Magic Fly Kit

Green Magic Fly Kit

The Green Magic Fly Kit is the result of an absolute passion to help new anglers enter this sport with affordable, quality gear. No more replacing and upgrading standard fly fishing setup combos. No cutting corners. No more settling for low-end components. Only advanced, high-quality, high -performing fly rods, fly reels, and fly line. Only high-end materials and modern manufacturing like the precision machined NASA-grade barstock aluminum in the Retriever 5/6 fly reel, the high modulus, low-resin, 40 Ton Toray lM8 graphite in the Green Magic fly rod, or the enhanced taper and construction of TrueCast fly line.  


From the beginning, Z. Mark Fly Gear's goal was to provide a solution to new anglers that was never previously available - a fly fishing starter kit that will help them get a lifetime of rich outdoor fishing memories. Click to Learn More About Z. Mark Fly Gear's Origins.


Z. Mark Fly Gear welcomes new anglers into the truly mesmerizing sport of fly fishing. We hope to help provide them mental and physical benefits, as well as lifelong memories of adventure and joy. Through the Green Magic Fly Kit, Z. Mark Fly Gear offers a uniquely affordable high-performing fly fishing setups that a new angler will never need to upgrade from or replace due to low quality. Click to Learn More About Z. Mark Fly Gear's Fly Fishing Setups.


The Green Magic Fly Kit is the solution to affordable quality, making an easy entry into this amazing sport. The next hurdle to deconstruct is that fly fishing is difficulty to learn and complex! It’s the opposite!


Fly Fishing Does Not Have to be Difficult or Complex

Fly fishing can be simple with #5 Guide Kit by Z. Mark Fly Gear


Along with cost, the complexity of the technical aspects and difficulty of fly fishing is a common misconception. Fly fishing is as simple or complex as you want it to be. New anglers can start off with one fly fishing starter kit, like the Green Magic Fly Kit, and light it up on their local river, stream, lake, bay, or ocean. If there is water with fish, there is an opportunity to fly fish.

No doubt, fly fishing can get very technical and complex, but only if you want it to! When you get the basics, and come to love catching fish on the fly, you’ll likely want to learn more about the sport to catch more fish and make more memories. But until then, you can keep it as simple as you like. All you need is a fly fishing setup, and then your local fly shop can show you all you need to know about local flies, techniques, and conditions. You’ll see how enthusiastic they are to help new fly anglers, and how they gladly will share their knowledge with you. They’ll make it easy for you! Great sport, great people – just one more incredible part of the fly fishing experience.

And, if you really want to keep it simple, buy a few Wooly Buggers (the ultimate all-around fly, in my humble opinion) and start casting! Whether for trout, bass, panfish, perch, catfish, halibut, etc., etc., the Wooly Bugger is a do-anything fly that WILL catch beginners’ fish. Period. This is a great example of the famous Wooly Bugger:


Wooly Bugger fly


As Bill Hunter expressed in Lefty Kreh's book, The Professionals' Favorite Flies Vol. II:

"The Woolly Bugger is so effective, it should be banned from some watersheds. I suspect its effectiveness is due to its resemblance to so many edible creatures in the water—nymphs, leeches, salamanders, or even small sculpins. Its tail undulating behind a fiber, bubble-filled body is just too much for most fish to resist. It just looks like a meal!"


Affordable, Simple, and MAGICAL

One last aspect of fly fishing new fly anglers will find, especially after venturing into a fly shop, is the immense comradery that fly fisherman share. Beginning fly anglers will notice right away that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve fly fished, there is a bond all fly fishermen share. And it’s because they’re sharing a secret that most do not know: Fly fishing is magic for the soul.


When you come across a fellow fly angler, you’ll know they share the same perspective and there will be an automatic connection on that extraordinary level. With barriers to entering the sport diminishing everyday, new fly anglers are growing. Be prepared for new friendships and life-changing physical and mental experiences. The memories will last forever.

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