Z. Mark Fly Gear is all about high-performance, top quality, and ultimate value. Our Mission is to provide exceptional, high-caliber fly rods, reels, and line for veteran anglers all the way down to those just thinking about dipping their toe into our fly fishing waters. Superior fly gear to meet the expectations of the most demanding of fly anglers. Gear that looks and acts the part. Gear that walks the walk. Period.

Beginning with the development of the Green Magic Fly Kit, Z. Mark Fly Gear seeks to develop high performance fly gear at an incredible value. Stemming from this initial offering, Z. Mark Fly Gear has evolved into a high quality fly reel, rod, and line company. With the mantra that fly fishing does not need to break the bank, Z. Mark Fly Gear offers affordable high-end fly fishing components to anglers of all experience levels. 

Memorable on-the-water experiences are at the pinnacle of Z. Mark Fly Gear's goals for its anglers. Fly Fishing is a magical adventure, whether as a past time or lifestyle, and we strive to bring new anglers into this wonderful sport. We stand behind our fly gear, and look forward to helping fly anglers simply catch more fish and make lifetime memories.

Z. Mark Fly Gear Warranty, Guarantee, and 30 day