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We at Z. Mark Fly Gear care about making sure our customers are happy and catching fish.We don't believe that there is a better product at this price point, and we are offering a 10% discount on all orders for a candid review after you've had a chance to fish with our gear. We are a small and growing business and we want your input to continue to provide an exceptional product. We also want to post your candid review for the world to see!

This is a chance for past and current customers to tell future customers what to expect and what they are getting. We believe strongly in the quality of our gear, and our goal is to post a wide range of reviews to provide other outdoor lovers the tools of knowledge and experience they need to make the best choice of fly gear.

And please include pictures! Along with reviews, we would love to post your photos of you and your fish caught on Z. Mark Fly Gear! We would love to put your catches on display, along with any information you may have about your catch and your trip.


The Code is "JACKSON10"

So, please enter "Jackson10" as the discount code upon checkout if you'd like to write a review. Good, bad, or other, we just want the world to know that Z. Mark Fly Gear is working hard to provide affordable and quality fly gear to anyone who may want to cast a #18 Adams to a brook trout on an cold alpine stream or who enjoys throwing small poppers in the reeds for bluegill, crappie, and bass on a cool summer evening.


Review Submission

Please send reviews and photos to contact@zmarkflygear.com. We look forward to hearing about your reviews and fishing adventures!

Enjoy your Z. Mark Fly Gear and let us know what you think. Tight lines!