The Z. Mark Fly Kit Solution




Developed to Solve a Problem

Fly fishing is great.

However, there's a big problem.

Fly fishing is expensive. For all of us.

For prospective or new anglers, just stomaching the price to even try fly fishing is hard when a fly rod, reel, and line can cost $1000 or much more. No matter your level of experience, we all get sticker shock. I did. That's why I started this company. I provide high-quality, performance-minded fly reelsfly rods, and line for veteran anglers all the way down to those just thinking about dipping their toe into our fly fishing waters for a low price.

After growing up fly fishing, primarily in California's Eastern Sierra, I developed a love of introducing new anglers to the sport. I find it amazing and just plain awesome when a new angler catches their first fish on a fly. As more and more of my friends wanted to get into this sport, they inevitably asked me what fly fishing gear to buy. Overwhelmingly, my friends wanted a fly fishing starter kit or a fly fishing setup that were high quality for a low price. I listened. 


Standard Fly Fishing Starter Kits

I was always resistant to the idea of fly fishing starter kits. The vast majority of fly rod combos are low-quality, and you can feel it the moment you pick up the gear. Instead of 100% CNC aluminum machined reels (the industry standard for quality) with quality drag systems, they are plastic or non-machined diecast fly reels with sticky drags on flimsy, heavy, or "broomstick" fly rods, and with floating fly line that doesn't cast well. This gear lasts a few trips or months before it either breaks, the angler spends substantially more upgrading their gear, or the fly fisherman gives up due to the low-functionality.

There's a lot of fly fishing setups out there. I encourage everyone to look at as many veteran or beginner fly fishing starter kits as you can online and in tackle stores. Upon comparison, the value received in Retriever 5/6 100% CNC Machined reel with a butter-smooth drag, Green Magic IM8 40 Ton Toray rod, and high-performing TrueCast fly line is unmatched. I offer those products in my Green Magic fly kit specifically because I couldn't find those products and saw the need for those options as a consumer. That's exactly what drove me to enter this business - to help anglers, especially beginners, to have a high-performing fly rod, reel, and line at a price not usually available... and that began Z. Mark Fly Gear. 


Z. MARK Fly Fishing Starter Kits

The Green Magic fly kit's  Retriever 5/6 fly reel, Green Magic fly rod, and TrueCast fly line were tested and matched by expert Fly Fishing Guides to form a light, strong, and sensitive fly fishing outfit. As was the SIERRA fly kit, with the Tioga 5/6 fly reel, Owens fly rod, and Inyo fly line. Designed as both beginner fly fishing starter kits and an experienced angler's favorite fly fishing setup, the Green Magic and SIERRA fly kit are superb, affordable front-line fly fishing outfits. However, it also provides a handy backup rig for fly anglers used to the feel of high-end fly fishing gear, but don't want to spend another wad of cash on another expensive fly rod and reel (...not to mention quality fly line, another significant cost). 

Z. Mark Fly Gear Warranty, Guarantee, and 30 day